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Because of increased effectiveness I hold 90% of meetings with patients via telephone (and, if necessary, webcam). Unlike traditional counseling, in OCD treatment Telemedicine has proven in most cases to be more effective than meeting in a professional office. Meeting in this way allows us to design Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) behavior therapy exercises in your home environment where you will actually be using them. Then I am able to walk you through these sometimes challenging exercises on the phone and give you tips on how to combat the OCD as we go. In addition, patients engaged in Telemedicine often report feeling greater levels of privacy, confidentiality, and self-disclosure.

If you are experiencing more severe OCD I may suggest an “Intensive Outpatient Housecall”. I now live full-time in a tour bus and travel around North America so that I am able to meet with people anywhere in the continental US. I frequently travel to meet with clients in their home towns for a week of daily intensive work on the OCD. If this sounds helpful to you please let me know at any time.

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